Flight Review

Your Periodic Safety Check-Up

Assess your piloting skills and knowledge to ensure they meet the required safety standards. 

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What is a flight review?

A flight review serves as a crucial mechanism to ensure pilots uphold the necessary expertise and proficiency required for safe flight operations.

We use flight reviews for aircraft ratings and operational ratings & endorsements:

  • Aircraft class ratings
  • Aircraft type ratings
  • Low-level ratings
  • Private instrument flight rules (IFR) ratings
  • Night visual flight rules (VFR) ratings.

To safely exercise the privileges of a rating, you must have completed a flight review for the rating within the last 2 years.

How often and when do you complete a flight review?

A flight review remains valid for a period starting from the completion of the review, extending until the conclusion of the 24th month thereafter. However, if your flight review is due in less than three months and you complete it, the new validity period will last 24 months from the original expiry date.

This framework ensures that pilots maintain currency and proficiency by mandating regular assessments of their skills and knowledge. By aligning renewal timelines with the original expiration date, pilots are encouraged to consistently uphold safety standards and remain proficient in their aviation practices.

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What is covered during a flight review?

A flight review ensures pilots maintain proficiency through various criteria, as detailed in regulations. This can be met by passing specific flight tests, proficiency checks for pilot type ratings, or by our qualified instructors signing off on competencies without a formal test. With a wide range of aircraft available, we offer the flexibility to either try new flying experiences or continue with familiar ones, supporting pilot skill maintenance and growth.

How Avia Can Help

Contact us to discuss the best approach for your flight review with one of our experienced instructors. Whether it’s earning a new endorsement, transitioning to a new aircraft like the Cirrus, or flying a familiar model, we’re here to assist every step of the way. Our team can tailor a plan to suit your flying frequency and experience, ensuring a smooth process.

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Get in touch with our team and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours