Overseas Pilot Licence Conversion Course

Looking to fly in Australia?

Convert your overseas Pilot Licence!

Don’t let your hard-earned credentials keep you from flying in Australia. Avia Aviation’s licence conversion course has been designed to help you convert your ICAO-approved licence to an Australian CASA-approved licence.

Let us help streamline the application process for you and have you flying again in no time. This course is specifically designed for those who hold an overseas pilot’s licence and plan to fly in Australia.

Fulfil CASA Prerequisites

Apply for ARN, Flight Crew Licence & ASIC

Pass English Language Proficiency Test

CPL Conversion Only: Pass Conversion Exams

Complete the CASA Flight Training Syllabus

Complete Final Flight Review

Conversion Process

Convert your PPL or CPL to a CASA-recognised licence.

Avia can tailor your training program based on your previous flight experience and desired Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) accreditation. ICAO PPL holders can convert their licence to a CASA-recognised PPL licence, while CPL holders have the option to convert their licence to a CASA-recognised PPL or CPL if so desired. 

Course Inclusions

Flight Training

Both PPL and CPL conversion courses are tailored to your individual requirements outlined by CASA. Depending on your experience and flight history, Avia will determine exactly what needs to be undertaken in order for you to successfully convert your licence. All training is undertaken with the guidance of Avia’s senior CSIP-trained instructors. 

Flight Review

At the successful completion of all course requirements, PPL students will undergo a formal flight review, while CPL students will complete a formal flight test.

Examinations & Prequisites

Examinations (CASA CPL Conversion Only)

If you are applying for the conversion of your ICAO CPL to a CASA-recognised CPL, you are required to sit a conversion examination. The examination consists of 2 separate parts: the CPL Human Factors (CHUF) exam and the aircraft-specific exam (either COSA or COSH).


To convert your license, your ICAO PPL or CPL must be current and valid. Other prerequisites include aeronautical experience, flight hours, solo flying, cross-country hours, and instrument hours. An outline of all prerequisites can be supplied by Avia upon request.

Why convert your licence with Avia?​

Streamlined Process

Our team can assist you with applications, training and examinations—saving you time and helping you gain clarity around the conversion process.

Individualised Training

Based on your experience, we can tailor a training syllabus to ensure you meet all requirements to successfully obtain your CASA-approved licence.

Experienced Instructors

Our senior CSIP-trained instructors are eager to assist you in converting your license and will mentor you every step of the way.

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