About Us

Avia Aviation was founded in 2011 to deliver world-class aviation services. 

Avia is the only commercial jet operator at Moorabbin Airport and the most experienced Cirrus training organisation in Melbourne. We operate a premium fixed-base operator (FBO) facility and deliver stylish and efficient aviation services to ensure your trip is as smooth as possible.

Our services include:

  • Basic flight training
  • Advanced flight training
  • Cirrus flight and simulator training
  • Scenic tours and experiences
  • Private jet charter
  • Aircraft sales
  • Aircraft management and consulting

At Avia we have one of the most diverse and experienced staff in Melbourne and we’re passionate about what we do. We genuinely care about our clients, their success and their safety.

Our aviation services open up a world of possibility. Forget airlines, queues and schedules. We operate on your schedule. Get in touch to see how we can revolutionise your aviation experience.

Meet the team

Charles Gunter


Charles is an experienced mentor, with over 15,000 hours, culminating as a Cathay Pacific Boeing 747 Check and Training Captain. Charles founded Avia Aviation in 2011 with a commitment to providing world-class general aviation solutions to Melbourne. As one of Australia’s most trusted aircraft sales professionals, Charles’ dedication and industry passion is testament to his successful flying career.

Ermin Javier

Head of Flight Operations

With a background in military aviation and extensive training experience, Ermin is a professional pilot and teacher. Leading the instructing team, Ermin is committed to the ongoing success of each of our clients. Whether you’re beginning your flight training adventure, or experiencing one of our incredible tours, Ermin’s skill ensures your flight is educational and enjoyable from takeoff to landing. He is a friendly and patient instructor and charter pilot. 


Tim Williams

General Manager

Tim is a passionate and capable charter pilot and Avia’s Citation Mustang Captain. Since pursuing a career change from Process Engineer to Pilot, Tim’s flying experience spans luxury scenic tours to volunteering as a pilot for Angel Flight. Tim is enthusiastic about sharing his real-world experiences with our training clients. Join Tim in the air for a memorable and personalised flight experience.

Dave Marien

Flight instructor

Dave is an experienced flight instructor who ensures his clients are thoroughly briefed and trained precisely. With attention to detail, Dave manages the majority of our advanced training and is our resident IREX expert. Born in France, Dave previously worked as a Sound Engineer before transitioning to the air. Dave enjoys riding his motorbike and cooking in his time off.


Abbey Boston

Flight instructor

Abbey has years of flying experience, having flown since she was 13, in many different types of aircraft at both Tyabb and Moorabbin Airports. Let Abbey showcase her passion for flying through her instruction, where she can conduct your flight training for a Recreational, Private or Commercial Pilot Licence. Abbey also has her Night VFR training endorsement.


David Albert

Flight instructor

David is a Platinum Cirrus Standardised Instructor (CSIP) and Cirrus aircraft owner. He has over 3000 hours with more than 1600 hours Cirrus flight instruction. He has delivered extensive ground theory including all courses in the Cirrus Approach LMS catalogue. David prides himself in the provision of tailored IFR and PIFR training for business executives and professionals.


April Beattie


April uses her experience in flight training and general aviation to ensure that our clients are well looked after.  With a background in customer service and corporate aviation at Sydney Airport, April also understands the unique requirements of private aviation and what it takes to meet your needs. April is also a multi-engine, instrument-rated Commercial Pilot.


Get in touch with our team and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours