Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Unlock the Skies: Your Key to Exploring Australia from Above with a Private Pilot Licence

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The Private Pilot Licence not only expands your flying range across Australia beyond that of your Recreational Pilot Licence but also reinforces your skills by enabling you to apply fundamental skills across various locations.

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As you navigate around Victoria, you’ll deepen your understanding of aviation principles through practical application. This private pilot licence also opens pathways for further growth in our advanced training, allowing you to pursue additional ratings and endorsements. These opportunities empower you to pilot advanced aircraft under various conditions, including navigating through clouds and flying at night, and to increase your passenger capacity. It’s important to note that while the Recreational Pilot Licence is not a prerequisite for the Private Pilot Licence, completing its training is necessary.

Requirements for obtaining a Private Pilot License


Private Pilot Licence Training Overview




Each scheduled flight lesson at Avia begins with a theory session led by your Flight Instructor, immediately followed by practical training during the flight. From your first lesson, you’ll learn critical skills such as navigating across Victoria, landing at new aerodromes, and handling simulated emergencies to ensure you’re ready for any challenges. These foundational skills also prepare you for flying throughout Australia. After each flight, a debrief with your instructor will help assess your progress and identify areas for improvement. Here’s an overview of the flight activities designed to boost your skills and confidence as a pilot in preparation for your private pilot licence.

Private Pilot Licence Flight Training Schedule

The flight training schedule serves as a general guide. Schedule and hours may vary based on individual progress and proficiency, as assessed by your instructor. To delve deeper into the prerequisites and explore how Avia can customise your flight training experience, we invite you to visit us for a tour of our facilities. Discover firsthand if Avia is the right flight school to kickstart your aviation journey.

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Get in touch with our team and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours