Full Motion Six-Axis Flight Simulator

Experience the sensation of flying with our full motion, six-axis flight simulator.

With some of the most realistic movement, sounds, visuals and controls available on the market, our flight simulator replicates the sensations with unbelievable realism, so you feel like you are flying a real aircraft.

Capacity: 1

Experience Duration: 30 or 60 minutes (plus a 30-minute pre-flight briefing) 

Experience Inclusions:


  • $299 for 60 minutes
  • $199 for 30 minutes

More about this experience

Ready to take control? Find out what flying an aircraft is really like. Try famous approaches, and experience a variety of aircraft, from small pistons all the way to some of the biggest jets on the planet. Demonstrated by real commercial pilots you won’t get more hands-on experience than this.

After an initial briefing, you are ready to fly anywhere in the world, under any weather conditions you choose. So, with the clearance from air traffic control, get ready to take the controls and feel the sensation of motion as you take off into the sky. There are plenty of opportunities to ask any questions you have about flying. The facility is used by actual pilots to build their flying confidence and capability, so you will be exposed to an actual training facility with market-leading technology.

Ready for departure?

Why Avia?

Full-Motion Six-Axis

The only full-motion six-axis simulator in operation in the southern hemisphere.

Experienced Pilots

Receive mentoring from experienced training pilots who are eager to answer any questions.

Pull the CAPS Handle

The only simulated emergencies where you can pull the Cirrus parachute handle in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to safety regulations, this experience is only available for 1 person at a time. Family and friends are welcome to wait in our lounge while they enjoy a tea or coffee.

You can request this experience with just 24 hours notice. However, this is subject to our pilot and simulator availability. To avoid disappointment, most clients book 4 days to a week in advance.

  • Piston Twin – This is a basic generic type suitable as an introduction to flying.
  • Turbo Prop – This is a more complex aircraft type that is able to go faster and higher.

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Get in touch with our team and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours