Multi-Engine Class Rating

Add another engine to your licence.

A prerequisite for most commercial opportunities, or for those looking to add complexity, a multi-engine rating will expand your capacity and skill as a pilot.

Flying on one engine.

The Multi-Engine Class Rating progresses you from single-engine aeroplanes (SEA) to multi-engine aeroplanes (MEA). The overwhelming majority of commercial aviation operations are conducted in multi-engine aeroplanes and the multi-engine class rating is an absolute must for aspiring commercial pilots.

The fundamental difference between flying single-engine aeroplanes and multi-engine aeroplanes is not found in normal operations, but in the conduct of flight following an engine failure. Whilst having a second engine is inherently safer, flying ‘single-engine’ on a multi-engine aeroplane (asymmetric flying) produces unique aerodynamic characteristics. Much of this course focuses on understanding and managing the loss of an engine during various phases of flight to always ensure a safe outcome.

Train with professionals.

In addition to the management of asymmetric flight, a Multi-Engine Class Rating introduces the first step away from simple training platforms and the development of critical skills in high performance, heavier aircraft. You’ll learn to manage higher speeds, complex aircraft systems, accurate fuel monitoring and detailed flight planning.

At Avia, you can train in a glass-cockpit Piper Seminole, or step into one of our charter aircraft, the Cessna T303 Crusader.

We are one of the few training providers at Moorabbin Airport that also conduct charter operations. We train pilots in the real world and ensure proficiency and confidence in each of our clients through scenario-based training and experienced instructors.

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Get in touch with our team and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours


Get in touch with our team and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours